Reiki Tummo® Level 1 Special Class

Online, Spanish
March 13, 2021
9 AM – 1 PM
Las Vegas Time
Instructor: Martha Luz


The Level 1 Reiki Tummo Special Class workshop is for those who have attended the Introduction to Self-Healing with Reiki Tummo by Irmansyah Effendi on Zoom or Youtube, from the beginning until the end. In this special class, you will get special prayers to help to cleanse the energy doors and channel better. There will be no attunement and self-healing lesson as it was already covered by the free class on Youtube or Zoom

In this workshop, you will learn to start relying on True Source Love as the best and most effective source of healing energy for your health and emotional benefit. 

Participants have reported that the Level 1 Reiki Tummo training workshop has helped them:

  • Practice self-healing and channeling to improve the physical and emotional well being of themselves, their friends, family, and others
  • Sleep better
  • Improve their immune system
  • Relax their body and mind
  • Reduce their worries and anxieties, and help them be in a good mood more often
  • Cleanse their energy body, chakras, and energy channels, boosting their energy by at least 2-3 times
  • Connect them to their Heart to let the blessing of True Source work on them and their whole well being

You can progress to Reiki Tummo Level 2 after joining this class.


Reiki Tummo Level 1 Special Class: have taken RT1 attunements online at Zoom or on the Natural Way of Living YouTube channel.

Time Zone

Las Vegas Time


Class is conducted in English.

RT1 Attunement video on Youtube Channel Natural Way of Living is here

How to Register

Click here to register

Registration deadline: March 10, 2021

Late Fees
A USD 25 late fee will be added for all registrations/payments received 2 days before the workshops

Workshop Fees

RegionSpecial Reiki Tummo Level 1 Workshop Fees
CanadaCAD 130 CAD 65
Latin AmericaUSD 110 USD 55
Europe 1EUR 145 EUR 73
Europe 2EUR 100 EUR 50
UK & N. IrelandGBP 110 GBP 55
PolandPLN 330 PLN 165
Czech RepublicEUR 80 EUR 40
India, Russia, AfricaUSD 55 USD 28
DubaiAED 550 AED 275
JapanJPY 16500 JPY 8250
ChinaCNY 750 CNY 375
Hong KongHKD 1100 HKD 550
TaiwanUSD 110 USD 55
SingaporeSGD 165 SGD 83
MalaysiaMYR 330 MYR 165
SE Asia*USD 95 USD 48
AustraliaAUD 182 AUD 91
New ZealandNZD 210 NZD 105

Europe 1: Germany, Netherland, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Belgium, France, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg
Europe 2: Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, Italy & Portugal
* Other than Indonesia, Singapore & Malaysia

Additional information

  • The price cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • No repeater fee – if you have attended Reiki Tummo Level 1 regular workshop and would like to do a repeat, please enroll in Reiki Tummo Level 1 regular workshop instead.
  • Payment: after getting a confirmation email from the committee

Technical Requirements

This online workshop will be conducted via Zoom, every participant is advised to:

  • Download and install Zoom app
  • Have access to computer and adequate internet connection to use Zoom
  • Ensure that computer mic and camera function properly
  • Be in a private and quiet room when attending the workshop
  • Ensure that their attention is not divided during the workshop


Participants are responsible to make sure their internet connection, electricity and equipment work properly during the workshop. In case of power outage, poor internet connection or equipment failure, no refunds will be issued.

Contact Information

Coordinator: Jose Manuel Gomez 

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (+1) 7024751273

As we have started to operate in Australia as Natural Way of Living Pty Ltd and we are still in the process of transitioning to an international organization for the rest of the world, temporarily, those who reside permanently in Australia (do not have to be citizens or permanent residents) must comply with the current regulations. This means that for the time being, those whose permanent domicile is Australia may only attend workshops/retreats (both online and offline) that are organized by Australian coordinators or taught by GM Irmansyah Effendi. This limitation is not applicable for Secrets of Natural Walking workshops. For more information please contact: [email protected]