Sharing Recovery from Multiple Myeloma After Regularly Practicing Secrets of Natural Walking

 Recovered form Multiple Myeloma

How Wandasari got to recovered from Secrets of Natural Walking?

Wandansari is a seventy-year-old woman, living in Bandung, Indonesia. She is a French lecturer at a renowned university in Bandung. She suffers from a disease called MM (Multiple Myeloma). MM is a type of cancer that develops in plasma cells in the spinal marrow. Medically speaking, MM therapy is usually done to reduce the progression of the disease and reduce the symptoms and discomfort experienced by the patients. 

In March 2014,  Wandasari attended a Secrets of Natural Walking (SONW) workshop with an instructor in Singapore on the advice of a friend who had attended the workshop. It was sometime before she underwent a bone marrow transplant at a hospital in Singapore.

However, because she did not practice diligently after attending the workshop, her health condition continued to deteriorate. Going back and forth between Bandung and Singapore, she spent huge amounts of money and the constant traveling significantly worsened her health condition.

After more than a year of medical treatment, Wandansari’s body condition continued to decline.

One day her friend reminded her that she needed to practice diligently. He told her that Secrets of Natural Walking could restore the body’s natural self-healing ability. She frustrated with undergoing medical treatment. In October 2015 she decided to repeat the SONW workshop in Bandung.

Then she joined the SONW Center in Bandung to get regular practice. Her health condition began to improve significantly following that time. About 18 months later, the hospital in Singapore declared that her condition was normal and she only needed to go to the hospital to monitor her health every six months. It was an extraordinary recovery for a Multiple Myeloma patient.

However, after Wandansari’s body condition improved, she got busy again with various activities. Due to her busy schedule and different events in her life, she didn’t practice SONW regularly. In October 2018, her medical examination showed that her hemoglobin level had dropped and she needed a blood transfusion.

The doctor diagnosed Wandansari with MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome), a condition in which immature blood cells in the bone marrow do not mature and therefore do not become healthy blood cells. This condition may progress to leukemia. When her doctor said that Wandasari had to undergo chemotherapy, she was shocked.

She realized that she needed to practice SONW diligently again. She attended the Intensive Secrets of Natural Walking workshop, joined Open Heart workshops, and practiced SONW under SONW instructor supervision five times a week.

Two days before the scheduled chemotherapy, she received her blood test. It showed an improvement in her hemoglobin level. She asked her physician to delay her chemotherapy for another two weeks.

During that period of time, she practiced Natural Walking diligently and wholeheartedly. Her blood was tested again and it showed that her blood platelet count had increased although her leukocyte count was still low.

Her chemotherapy was delayed again for another two weeks as she continued to practice SONW. True to her conviction, her leukocyte count increased and everything is now within a normal range. Praise and thank God, her condition has remained stable for six months since then and she did not need to undergo the chemotherapy process.

Wandansari’s doctor was astonished by her significant improvement. In the course of his career, he had never found a patient who had recovered so speedily as Wandansari.

He was curious about what Wandansari did to improve her health, then decided to join a SONW workshop in Bandung. He admitted that after practicing Natural Walking he could feel his body becoming much fresher. Moreover, he didn’t get annoyed even when he had to teach young doctors who were stubborn and lazy. Since then, he has been diligently practicing Natural Walking for an hour every day.


Secrets of Natural Walking is a miracle. It is the art of moving our body naturally that is true to True Source or God’s design.

Just by doing simple natural walking steps, our heart is more open to True Source and our connection to the Earth is naturally improved. Firstly, it helps us let go of negativities and blockages that have been holding our body’s natural healing ability from functioning. Secondly, we can also receive good energy from the Earth to adjust and repair our bodies. 

With natural walking, every step that we take will deeply realign our spine, adjust the meridians and reflexology zones of our whole body and reawaken our body’s natural healing abilities, in ways we could never imagine.

Written by:

Ir. Gunadi
Secrets of Natural Walking Professional Instructor
Bandung, Indonesia

Instagram: @goengunadi