Simple yet transformative wellness programs for a happier, healthier and fulfilling life

Beginner Programs

These programs provide the most fundamental keys to improving your whole well-being.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a complete novice, the workshops in these programs are profound and impactful, helping you to see and experience your life more positively.

Intermediate Programs

We provide deeper spiritual programs for those who are interested in improving spiritual growth and experiencing deeper healing by being more connected to The Creator.

In these programs, you will gently experience deeper cleansing which will build the foundation for a deeper spiritual journey in the advanced programs.

Advanced Programs

You will be guided to be conscious as your true self, to remember the journey you have been through and reflect on your own weaknesses, negative habits and traits to be able to fulfill the true purpose of our lives.

Open Heart Meditation

Experience calmness, peacefulness, and happiness at any time

Reiki Tummo®

Instant energy channeling ability to help physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing for yourself, your friends, family and others

Secrets of Natural Walking®

Activate your body’s self healing abilities naturally and effectively