AWS Engineer

Time commitment: 1-4 hours per week
Position location: Anywhere
Language(s) required: English


Position Type: Long-Term
Intended Start Date: Immediate

Time Commitment: 1-4 hours per week
Position Location: Anywhere
Language/s Required: English

Key Responsibilities:
1. Managing IT assets hosted in the cloud including deployment and
troubleshoot issues when they arise
2. Able to optimize systems for performance and balancing costs
3. Ensure proper security standards are being met
4. Strong communication skills and ensuring architectural changes
are share across the team
5. Able to make recommendations regarding AWS best practices
and security

Key Requirements:
1. Solid understanding of AWS services and AWS architecture best
2. Proficiency in architecting, deploying, and troubleshooting cloud-
based applications and assets
3. Experience maintaining web-based applications, email servers,
and other IT assets in AWS highly desirable
4. Experience with Cloudflare highly desirable
5. Experience with virtualization and understanding of containers
6. Experience migrating systems to AWS highly desirable

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