Open Heart in Daily Life Series
Basic 1 & 2

Online, English
March 13 & 14, 2021
3 PM – 6 PM
Perth Time
Instructor: Sandra Zein 

About This Workshop

Heart: the center to natural calmness, peacefulness, and happiness

In our daily lives, we often encounter challenges and problems that make us feel stressed out, anxious and burdened. We may question if it is possible for us to experience happiness, calmness, and peacefulness at those moments?

Now it is time for us to open our hearts to True Source* (The Creator, God, or Paramatman) to start experiencing natural happiness from deep within our heart. Opening the Heart, the key to connection to True Source, will improve our loving relationship with True Source so that we are naturally loved and guided every moment in everything that we do in life.

*To respect all religions, beliefs, and backgrounds, we choose the universal term “True Source” to refer to the Creator, God, or Paramatman. You are welcome to use any terminology you feel most comfortable with.


Experience how easy it is to activate happiness and peacefulness from the heart in your daily life

The short series of Open Heart in Daily Life workshops will help you to start experiencing happiness, calmness, and peace easily in your daily life.

By joining this workshop, you will get many benefits:

  • Natural Methods
  • Universal (non-denominational)
  • Feeling based, allowing participants to really experience calmness, peace, and happiness naturally from the heart
  • Helps in letting go of an overactive mind and excessive emotions
  • Improves mood
  • Simple and does not take a lot of time


Saturday, March 13

Basic 1 – Activating the Center of Peace, Calmness & Happiness 


  • Opening the Heart in practice
  • Feeling calmness and peacefulness from the heart


Sunday, March 14

Basic 2 – Experiencing Calmness & Peacefulness in Life


  • Opening the Heart in practice more completely
  • Enjoying the calmness and peacefulness from the heart


Basic 1 – Activating the Center of Peace, Calmness & Happiness: None
Basic 2 – Experiencing Calmness & Peacefulness in Life: Basic 1

Time Zone

Perth Time


  • The workshop will be conducted in English.
  • After completing at least 4 of the workshops from this series, you will be able to attend Open Heart Level 1 for the repeater’s fee or directly join Open Heart level 2

How to Register

Click here for registration

Deadline: March 7, 2021

Workshop Fees

Workshop fee for new attendees based/living in Australia:

Mini-Series 1: AUD 50
Mini-Series 2: AUD 60

For international prices, please contact the local coordinator.

Technical Requirements

This online workshop will be conducted via Zoom, every participant is advised to:

  • Download and install the Zoom app
  • Have access to a computer and adequate internet connection to use Zoom
  • Ensure that computer mic and camera function properly
  • Be in a private and quiet room when attending the workshop
  • The room must be adequately quiet because there will be partner/group practices, so no noise shall be present that may disturb others
  • Ensure that their attention is not divided during the workshop


Participants are responsible to make sure their internet connection, electricity, and equipment work properly during the workshop. In case of a power outage, poor internet connection, or equipment failure, no refunds will be issued.

Contact Information

Coordinator: Grace O’Sullivan

Phon: (+61) 043 3919 887
E-mail: [email protected]