Open Heart
Level 3 & 4

Online, German (with English Translation)
March 20 & 21, 2021
9 AM – 4.30 PM
Munich Time
Instructor: Yvonne Kury


Open Heart Level 3 (March 20)


The Level 3 Open Heart workshop is a deeper level that is designed to open and cleanse the 7 major chakras within you. You will also be guided to begin interacting with others using your Heart within True Source Love.

Participants have reported that the Level 3 Open Heart workshop has helped them:

  • Cleanse their major chakras to further remove emotional burdens
  • Improve their relationship with others
  • Rely on True Source’s Love to pray to True Source from within their Heart 
  • Surrender problems and burdens from within their Heart
  • Cleanse and open their Heart further to True Source 
  • Realize how True Source’s Love works on the Earth and all beings on Earth
  • Begin to let True Source’s Love remove Heart limitations to help them move beyond their concepts and ideas of what is possible


Open Heart Level 4 (March 21)

The Level 4 Open Heart workshop will help guide you to learn how to do a healing meditation to cleanse your physical and non-physical being. You will experience the beauty of allowing your Heart and being to be within the direct Love connection to True Source.

Participants have reported that the Level 4 Open Heart workshop has helped them:

  • Let True Source’s Love help so that self-healing can improve their health and overall well-being
  • Interact with others from within the Love in their Heart to remain in the calmness and help those around them
  • Let their Heart become free without being blocked, to experience the Love radiating more freely and sweetly
  • Let True Source’s Love bring them into the Pure Love within their Heart to be helped and supported more deeply
  • Let True Source’s Love remove limitations on a deeper level so that the Love can work on their whole Heart and whole being
  • Surrender to True Source from within the Love in their Heart to let go of deeper burdens, limitations, and negativities


Open Heart Level 3: Level 2

Open Heart Level 4: Level 3

Time Zone

Munich Time


  • The workshops will be conducted in German with translation into English
  • It is advised to attend both levels for optimum results

How to Register

Click here to register

Deadline: March 14, 2021

Workshop Fees

Available upon request

Technical Requirements

This online workshop will be conducted via Zoom, every participant is advised to:

  • Download and install Zoom app
  • Have access to computer and adequate internet connection to use Zoom
  • Ensure that computer mic and camera function properly
  • Be in a private and quiet room when attending the workshop
  • Ensure that their attention is not divided during the workshop


Participants are responsible to make sure their internet connection, electricity and equipment work properly during the workshop. In case of power outage, poor internet connection or equipment failure, no refunds will be issued.

Contact Information

Coordinator: Nico Sudyatma

WhatsApp:(49) 1786701282
Email: [email protected]