SEO Specialist English

Time commitment: 6 hours per week
Position location: Anywhere
Language(s) required: English


Position Type: Long-Term
Intended Start Date: Immediate

Time Commitment: 6 hours per week
Position Location: Anywhere
Language/s Required: English

Key Responsibilities:
1. Develop on-site and off-site optimization strategies that increase the company’s search engine results rankings
2. Research SEO keywords to use throughout the company’s website and marketing materials
3. Set measurable goals that demonstrate improvement in marketing efforts
4. Monitor daily performance metrics to understand SEO strategy performance
5. Efficiently communicate with other marketing professionals to align goals
6. Collaborate with others within the marketing department to manage SEO strategy
7. Write compelling and high-quality on-site and offsite content, including blog posts and page descriptions
8. Update content and website links for maximum optimization and search engine rankings
9. Manage blogger’s reach out

Key Requirements:
1. Understanding of search engine algorithms and ranking methods
2. Experience with Google Analytics
3. Knowledge of keyword research and data mining tools
4. Able to complete competitive analysis of other companies within the industry
5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
6. Comfortable analyzing high volumes of data on a monthly basis
7. Familiarity with WordPress
8. Experience with other aspects of marketing, such as customer growth and promotion, is a plus


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