Nurturing Relationship with an Open Heart

Have you ever found it hard to understand and communicate with your spouse?

Sometimes everyday responsibilities and problems get in the way of our relationship. But when our Spiritual Heart is open to True Source (whom you may refer to as God, The Creator, or Paramatman), we can receive the Unlimited Love from True Source. Which brings deep happiness, cleanses us from negative emotions, and helps us to interact with others with compassion and love.

Jackie, a 35-year-old mental health counselor, and Sean a 39-year-old software developer shared with us their experiences of navigating their marriage using their hearts that are open to True Source.

How does it feel to have a relationship with a heart that is open to True Source?

Sean: Having a partner that opens her heart to True Source and follows her heart has been a wonderful blessing for me. Living with heart and love as a priority, I can really feel a deeper unconditional love and joy between us. Dealing with problems and challenges is much easier. As it feels like we are both on the same team. Giving priority to what our hearts want, and not what we want, or our ideas about who’s right. I can really feel how negative emotions and reactions are minimized when we’re both in our hearts. And there is much more room for shared joy and happiness.

Jackie: Having a heart-centered marriage has been such a huge gift of love. I feel so much love and safety as a result of being with someone who supports my heart. And I feel so grateful and happy to support him as well. This way, it feels like we have each other’s true best interest at heart. Best of all, it comes from a place of unconditional love. 


Do you have any tips to stay in the heart particularly when you’re in an argument?

Sean: I feel like when I’m expressing myself with the heart as the priority, as opposed to what I want or being right, it tends to resonate better with my wife. If there is a dispute, I feel it’s better to not follow emotion or concepts about who’s more right, and just discuss from the heart to come to a mutual understanding, if possible. I also feel like it’s better when we can both first recognize the emotions involved, and let them go, instead of using the discussion to follow the emotions more.  

Jackie: Surrendering our own negative reactions without “unleashing them” at the other person has been so helpful. When this happens, we can communicate from the heart with love and feel like we are on the same team again. We’ve not only found that we find resolution more often when we communicate from the heart, but we are also not left regretting words and actions that were fuelled by emotional reactions.

How did you meet and when did you know you should be together?

Both: We originally met through the Natural Way of Living community at a retreat in Los Angeles. Some years after we’d met, while attending another retreat together in L.A, we ended up being partnered in the “Introduction to Relationships with an Open Heart” workshop. During the workshop, we felt like our hearts were opening and there was so much unconditional love flowing. It was such a beautiful feeling without effort or conditions. The feeling of love was very different than anything we’d experienced before, but also very clear and natural. From there, the relationship kept blooming. We started to recognize that we were each other’s true heart-mate and we were married in less than a year.