Why Being Relaxed is One of The Keys to Self Healing.

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In the world of open heart, it’s easy to see self-healing only as a practice – where we channel or allow Divine Energy to flow through our whole body, both physical and non-physical, giving us powerful healing benefits. Still, we know that, in reality, we as human beings have been designed to self-heal. Whether we see that as a direct design from The Creator or as a design that has come through millions of years of evolution and fine-tuning within the physical world that we have been blessed to be born into. The reality is that our bodies do heal themselves if we cut our fingers, and we know it will heal. Eventually, when we damage some part of our body, we “get better.”  


“Time heals all wounds” is a well-known phrase based on people’s lived experiences. Even emotional and mental suffering can be repaired over time. However, if we look a little closer, we can see that it’s not really time that heals, it is Love. And the more unconditional the love is, the more it heals. Hence, the real Healer in all this is the Creator, the True Source of infinite love and light, whose love is working 24 hours a day. The amount of time it takes to heal is more to do with how much we are surrendering. So maybe we should ask the question: “How well are we surrendering to allow The Love to work on and through us, so as to provide the self-healing benefits?”


Knowing that we have a natural in-built healing system can explain why being relaxed is so vital to our mental and physical well-being. However, when we are stressed or busy in any way, we are squeezing and putting pressure on this system, so it cannot work nearly as well.  


Take a moment now to see how relaxed you are, your shoulders – are they relaxed, or is there some “holding” there? Are you frowning as you read this, or are you smiling? How is your breathing? The chances are that you will have discovered that there is actually quite a lot of holding going on, as the background habit that we are unaware of. No wonder we experience such amazing results when we start opening our hearts, practicing reiki, natural healing, or natural walking!  All these processes override our unconscious “doing” that limits our natural healing from working the way it was designed.  These processes are simply different ways of asking for True Source’s help and letting the Love help us.


So we need to see relaxing in an altogether different light to how it’s commonly seen. The popular myth is that when we are relaxing, we are not being productive (or that we are “doing nothing”). In reality, so many studies have shown that we are MORE productive when we operate in a relaxed nature. When we are relaxing properly (not being lazy), we have begun to surrender naturally to accept the help from True Source. At this moment, we can be more closely aligned with our deeper purpose, and whatever activity we engage in, we will let True Source’s love flow so much better.


Written by:

Steve Ray


Steve Ray is a groupwork facilitator who has been working in the facilitation field since 2008.  He teaches and trains in a variety of facilitation processes and techniques, including: how to build emotional resilience, helping people resolve conflict, helping people to hear each other across strong differences and make decisions collaboratively, and providing approaches for how to work with the energy dynamics of a group.  He is also a Reiki and Open Heart Instructor and has been a practitioner since 2003.  His passion is surrendering to Love so that the best facilitator – True Source – can let what needs to happen, happen ❤️