Why We Need to Share about The Heart
and 10 Easy Tips for How to Do It

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 Diana Stone – 20-year alumni and a Psychologist with 27 years of experience – talks about sharing Love.

A chat about sharing the heart

Over the years, I have been intrigued by the stories I have heard from Diana and others who have spoken about her and how willing she is to share the Love. It seems that many of us are a little too shy or have a variety of excuses as to why we don’t share about the heart or True Source’s Love. Here Diana shares with us her Top 10 tips for how to share the heart and the Love in daily life.

 – with Steve Ray

10 Top Tips for how to share about the heart to others


Tip #1: Get outside of yourself 

I’ve been working as a therapist for most of my life, and one of the things I’ve learned in that time is that sometimes, you don’t have the choice NOT to show up. For example, I was exhausted the other day after moving a lot of boxes as part of moving out of our Natural Walking Centre, and having a client session was the last thing on my mind. But I had a commitment, and I HAD to show up. In that process, I had to get outside of myself. Get out of thinking “poor me,” and instead start feeling like, “what does this person need? What’s happening for them right now?”.

In that process, we become more focused on the other person and what The Love can do for them. Then it feels like a tap, it just turns on. And even if I am really tired, I become uplifted because the Love is coming through me in the interaction with the other person when I open my heart. 

So this is the number one tip for me: getting outside of yourself. That’s key to supporting someone else, and remember that so many people are not yet connected to their heart well enough. This means they are generally still brain centered and controlled by their emotions, and that can be pretty intense. Hence, it’s a compassionate thing to do, to reach out to someone.

I might share about the heart if it comes up, but otherwise, just building a relationship with someone is the key to sharing the Love. It can be a two-minute interaction or a longer connection. It’s very special to build a relationship and being an instrument. And as the person feels more comfortable with us, we can go deeper and deeper.

Tip #2: Listen to people, and then they’ll listen to you

I love to listen to and support people. The more I support people, the more the situations present themselves to support them. So, for example, if somebody is upset with something, I might say, “would you like me to do a little bit of centering with you? I do this beautiful practice where we can just center and go to a place that’s calm”. I don’t even necessarily use the word meditation. Just simple: calmness, connection, grounding, something very basic, and then we’ll do some Open Heart together.

So listening is another key. If you listen to people, they will be more willing to listen to you.  If you start yakking, they aren’t necessarily willing to listen to you. The other thing about listening is, you gain some insight into them because you get to put pieces of their life together. So you can actually use words that resonate and are appropriate to their life situation. That is really connecting and helps people feel safe to share and receive from you.

I once shared about the heart with an African American man from Atlanta on a plane to LA. He seemed the least likely person to share Open Heart with. He dressed very fashionably and appeared to be a really cool guy who wouldn’t have any interest in meditation or spirituality. I simply listened to him, and we made a sweet and surprising connection. After a while, he asked me, “what do you do?” When I told him I taught about the heart, he got so excited.  I said, “would you like me to show you?”  He agreed immediately, and I did some guiding with him.  Honestly, I would never have thought to guide him, yet his heart was ready!

Tip #3: Any time is a good time

You may only have a moment to share, but what you share can help people move in a good direction if you can share anything at all. I had a profound experience of sharing with my sister’s friend during a layover in Singapore.

We met at a café. It was lunchtime and super noisy. We could hardly hear each other, there was so much noise. She asked me a lot of questions about the heart until I said, “Would you like to experience it?”.

As I was guiding her, this incredible shift happened within her. We both felt something come down from above, through her crown chakra and into her heart – some amazing channel was opened up by True Source Love. If I’d thought about it, I wouldn’t have thought that was a good time to guide her because the environment seemed all wrong.

But as Irmansyah reminded me later when I shared this experience with him, “You have no idea what happens when someone touches their heart and smiles to their heart.” It might be a one-off situation for a person. They may never connect with their heart again, or they might go on and do workshops.

It doesn’t matter, and we don’t need to know what else might happen. We just need to remember how important it is to share because something so amazing happens every time someone touches their heart.


Tip #4: Share with everything

I love sharing the Love from True Source, it’s like being a secret agent for the Love, and once you start feeling that feeling, it’s so much fun! Even on a day like today where I’m feeling tired and grumpy, I get so much from going out and sharing the love with anyone, saying hello to anyone. It could be a bird or a tree. I share it with the flowers, and I share it with everything, including animals and the Earth.  

Let’s say I’m sitting at a stoplight and there’s a tree – I love trees – so I’ll say hi tree, and I’ll just smile, and I’ll feel how beautiful the tree is. I’ve had incredible, almost love affairs, with a couple of trees because they are so beautiful. So I talk to them, sometimes in my thoughts, sometimes out loud.

It’s all about connection. Once there is a connection, the Love starts to flow, and THAT is what is important.

Tip #5:  Let go of the judgment of others.

The next thing I want to share is  letting go of judgement. This is huge. We  often judge who we can share with. When we think about sharing from the heart it’s easy to make up our mind based on our own ideas … as if we know!  One time I was at the airport  with Irmansyah and I saw someone who I thought looked too conservative (simply based on his appearance mind you!) to be interested in the heart. I said something to Irman along those lines. He said something that has stayed with me ever since, “Diana, True Source Loves that man as much as everyone else”.

We are the ones that put people in boxes – oh they’re not spiritual, or they’re too conservative, or they won’t be interested etc etc…  True Source doesn’t do that, so why should we?  We have to let it go because the reality is we have no idea who might be ready to open their heart, who might have a deep longing inside for True Source Love.


Tip #6: Just start doing it (sharing the Love).

We have so many excuses for not sharing the Love from the heart, not guiding others, and so many of them come down to not feeling confident or not being senior enough, or not ready, or not having a script, fill in the blank! So we have just to get out there and plain old start doing it. Maybe this will help at a practical level: What I did was I learned the first five lines of the most basic heart guiding and just did it. Like anything, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.  

So I would say this to everyone, True Source has designed our heart to share the Love, right? So the logic is right there at that level. Our heart relies on the Love of The Creator, so we need to do our part as humans and connect and go out and start guiding! That’s what sharing the Love through the heart looks like. When people are ready, we need to be prepared to ask the question, “Would you like to experience the heart?”. We don’t need to worry about the words. 

I had such a funny experience with one client who’d never done any spiritual work. She was in a bad place emotionally, so I asked her if she would like to do some centering before our session? She said yes, and then I invited her to touch her heart and smile to her heart. That was it. Well, for the entire rest of the session, which was around 45 minutes, she never took her fingers off her heart, and she never opened her eyes. She just kept right on smiling. She did not want to leave that place! When you see someone who is not doing well, that could be a great chance to offer them support through the heart. By using commonly used words like “a centering,” you start where people are and don’t feel as if they are doing anything too out of the ordinary. 

Tip #7:  Find common ground.  

So the idea of starting where people are was again a sharing from Irman, who said, “find common ground, and then don’t talk about it,  show them.” That’s the key. It’s about the experience. It’s so easy to go into extensive explanations and use language that can very easily freeze people out.  

So you could say something like, “Would you like me to show you a way I’ve found that can help you feel calm and centered and help you feel some peacefulness from inside? Your heart already has peacefulness, and you can just connect. It’s so nice, etc…” and I use a very matter-of-fact voice.  By saying that, people begin to feel it’s safe and start saying things like: “Why not? That makes sense…” “Yeah, I get that the heart helps me”… and “sometimes I can feel something from my heart,” “I’ve always wanted to be guided by my heart,” or something like that.  It becomes quite natural, and this is where listening comes in, so you make it relatable to that person, their life, and what matters to them.


Tip #8:  We need to let go completely.

I have some people living at my farm. They’ve been there for about two years, and they meditate with their practices every day. I would never think to try and tell them that my practice is better and they should try it. However, just the other day, we got talking about the heart until the point of interest was brought to a level where I said, “would you like to do it together one day?” The lady said, “Sure.” I consider my job is to let her know, and the rest is up to her. Once we share the heart with someone, we need to let go completely. This is important—no agenda, no holding on, no trying to convince or anything. Just share the love and LET GO… share the love and let go. This is where it gets so much more relaxed and fun. A person’s choice must be their choice because it’s about their relationship with True Source. It’s not up to us to do anything more than show people the heart and let it unfold naturally.  

It’s not my business. My business is to be in the Blessing and Love and share the Love from True Source through the heart. The rest is up to them and True Source.

Tip #9: Use your heart to contact someone.  Don’t be shy!

We have to find a balance between not pushing people while at the same time supporting them. I think of the person, and just be an instrument for them, and often say a short prayer to True Source to help them open their heart more to True Source. I do my best to let True Source’s Love help me to feel what the next step might be with them, if anything, at the same time, surrendering my agenda. True Source’s Love can be shared in so many sweet ways. Everyone needs to feel loved and cared for, to feel like they matter. Every single heart matters so much to True Source, and we can let them feel that by reaching out.  

Tip #10: Remember what it was like for you.  

So finally, remember about your own journey. What was it that touched your heart? We’re so used to the heart now that we probably forgot that it wasn’t about the words. It was about our connection to True Source. And if we can remember that when we share the Love, we’ll remember how important, how precious, and what a blessing it is to share the Love.

Oh… and remember how FUN it is to share the Love. In the final story, I went to a Post Office to buy stamps and got the grumpiest person behind the counter. He was so upset, so gloomy. So I just connected with him and made our connection to True Source’s Love, the most important thing as I was speaking with him. By the end of our interaction of two minutes or so, when I left, he was so positive, so happy. He called after me as I went and even waved, “have a nice day.. so nice to meet you”. Two minutes earlier, he was grunting and not saying anything to anyone, not even looking at them. We really have no idea how The Love works through our hearts when our hearts are open and how The Love can change others when we share happily with them.

A Final Summary

The key to sharing True Source’s Love is our own connection to True Source’s Love. We need to start sharing The Love before we DO anything… including opening our mouths and speaking! So make your connection to True Source Love FIRST, and then once you have connected and your heart is open, and you are feeling the Love, THEN have a conversation with someone. Remember, when people are interested, they will probably say something that gives you permission to ask the all-important question: “Would you like me to show you how to experience the heart?”

Written by:

Diana Stone, Ph.D.


Diana Stone, Ph.D. has been in private practice as a Psychologist since 1994. With her Ph.D. in Psychology of Consciousness, her counseling work with clients has focused on the mind-body connection and the spiritual connection. Diana has also been a professional energy healer since 1992, after training and apprenticing for over 23 years in four different healing modalities. She continues to study Open Heart Meditation and Reiki Tummo, a system of channeling of Divine Love and Light while supporting a grounded connection with the Earth.