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Anu Pulkkinen (Coordinator)
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  • Price: Rates are based on country of residence, please contact the organizer for details


05 - 06 Jun 2022


German CET (GMT+2)
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Open Heart Level 1 & 2 *UPGRADED* – ONLINE – English


Open Heart Level 1

The Level 1 Open Heart workshop is an introductory level program to help you connect to your Spiritual Heart and begin to feel True Source blessings within your Spiritual Heart. The workshop is experiential in nature and will guide you to understand and differentiate how the brain works compared to the Heart.

You will also be guided on how to reduce the domination of your brain by strengthening your Heart, enabling you to feel peace, calmness, joy, and gratitude in everyday life.

Participants have reported that the Level 1 Open Heart workshop has helped them:
  • – Naturally and easily connect to the Spiritual Heart
  • – Understand and experience the difference between the thoughts from their brain and feelings from their Heart
  • – Strengthen the Spiritual Heart for greater feelings of peace and happiness and reduce stress, anxiety and pressures
  • – Reduce the domination of the brain so that the mind can naturally be calmer for greater clarity
  • – Experience the lightness and calmness from Opening their Heart
  • – Experience and feel True Source’s Blessing from within their Heart
  • – Enjoy their Heart  leading them through their daily life


Open Heart Level 2

The Level 2 Open Heart workshop is designed to further help you let go of problems, burdens, and negative emotions. Deepening your experience from Level 1, you will begin accessing your Heart for guidance.

Participants have reported that the Level 2 Open Heart workshop has helped them:
  • – Let go of problems, burdens, and negative emotions
  • – Reduce stress and anxieties while promoting overall well-being
  • – Get truths and guidance from their Heart
  • – Use their Heart to rely on True Source’s Love in their daily life
  • – Improve the feeling within their Heart to support deeper meditation, prayer, and underpinning in daily life
  • – Enjoy True Source’s Love on a deeper level
  • – Enjoy deep heartfelt gratitude while being within the Love
  • – Open their Heart more freely to True Source
  • – Direct their Heart even better to True Source
  • – Learn to trust True Source more by surrendering


Open Heart Level 1: None
Open Heart Level 2: Level 1

Time Zone

German CET Time


The workshops will be conducted in English
It is advised to attend both levels, however, you may choose to attend only one level

How to Register

Click here to register
Deadline: June 2, 2022

Late Fees

A EUR 15 late fee will be added for all registrations/payments received 2 days before the workshops.

Workshop Fees

Rates are based on Country of Residence, please contact the organizer for details.

Workshop fee for new attendees based/living in Europe:

Open Heart Level 1

New: EUR 150
Repeat: EUR 35

Open Heart Level 2
New: EUR 180
Repeat: EUR 45

Participants of Open Heart for Everyone are eligible for a 50% discount for Open Heart Level 1 workshop


Technical Requirements

This online workshop will be conducted via Zoom, every participant is advised to:

  • Download and install Zoom app
  • Have access to computer and adequate internet connection to use Zoom
  • Ensure that computer mic and camera function properly
  • Be in a private and quiet room when attending the workshop
  • Ensure that their attention is not divided during the workshop


Participants are responsible to make sure their internet connection, electricity and equipment work properly during the workshop. In case of power outage, poor internet connection or equipment failure, no refunds will be issued.

Contact Information

Coordinator: Anu Pulkkinen

Mobile: +(358) 503779793

E-Mail: [email protected]

As we have started to operate in Australia as Natural Way of Living Pty Ltd and we are still in the process of transitioning to an international organization for the rest of the world, temporarily, those who reside permanently in Australia (do not have to be citizens or permanent residents) must comply with the current regulations. This means that for the time being, those whose permanent domicile is Australia may only attend workshops/retreats (both online and offline) that are organized by Australian coordinators or taught by GM Irmansyah Effendi. This limitation is not applicable for Secrets of Natural Walking workshops. For more information please contact: [email protected]


  • Price: Rates are based on country of residence, please contact the organizer for details

Hourly Schedule

June 5

Open Heart Level 1

June 6

Open Heart Level 2

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